Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jake & JoHannah // Lifestyle & Wedding Photography

Happy 4th of July to you all!  Today there is another reason to celebrate!  Jake and JoHannah's wedding is here!  This bright and beautiful wedding day couldn't be overshadowed even by the threatening rain all day.  Check out all this joy!

The girls spend the morning having devotions and praying over Starbucks.

 While the girls were out getting ready the guys were finishing up the reception set-up and ceremony preparations.  

 Friends who double as wedding planners are the best.

 JoHannah not only did her own make up, other's as well!

 Best friends. :-)

This day was SO full of personality and laughter.  JoHannah's spirit is as bright as the sun.

 A girl and her dad.  I was so happy when I stumbled across this sweet moment of prayer.

It's showtime!

 Jake and JoHannah's first act of service to one another as a married couple was to wash one another's feet during the ceremony.  It was beautiful!

Throughout the ceremony the Sun came and went and the wind was CRAZY, but the impending storm held off just long enough!

Man and Wife!

 Remember what I said about personality?!  These two are the best.  

Ok, now the semi-serious ones. :-)

The best man's speech. . .

Such a joyful reception entry!!

In order for the bride and groom to kiss you had to tell a joke.  There were some really good ones, and some you couldn't understand at all, but the delivery was too cute to pass up.

Did I mention there was a tandem bike?

 There were so many helpers at this wedding, large and small.  Jake and JoHannah are very blessed.

And off the happy couple goes into joyfully ever after!


  1. Joanna, you nailed this assignment! Love the photographs--so many fabulous shots!! Thank you! --Love from the mother of the groom

  2. This is beautiful, you did a wonderful job! I like that you have captions under the photos. -Kat Edwards