Thursday, April 24, 2014

David & Melissa // Rockford, Il engagement photographer

I love these genuine smiles!  We popped out into the sub zero temperatures for just a couple minutes after their consultation.  I'm shooting David and Melissa's Iowa wedding this summer and I can not wait!  It is going to be so gorgeous and, duh! These two will be there!

Congratulations you guys!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mercedes // Rockford, Il senior portrait photographer

Mercedes.  First of all, how cool is that name?! I love new and interesting words -- especially names. Again, these pictures are 2 years old.  Mercedes graduated with me and is now pursuing her Bachelor's degree at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  She has such a nice smile and kind eyes.  I always remember her being a quiet person, but whenever she did speak it was worth listening to.  I'm glad to have known her and look forward to knowing her better!

Gotta love brothers!  You'll be seeing more of Andrew on the blog soon.  He's a senior himself this year and was one of the fabulous kids going to prom with my brother's group.  We took some seriously cool photos.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Englert // Rockford, IL Family & Lifestyle Photographer

When Melissa contacted me about doing a family session in and around their home I was SO in. I've always wanted to shoot clients in their niche. People are real and comfortable and passionate in their real lives. Why not shoot them there? But I wasn't sure how to market it. "Hey! Let a complete stranger into your personal life to document your raw beauty and everyday mundane and messy tears. You won't regret it. . . I promise?". Could I say that? Could I deliver that? I believe that, but how to tell people? Then Melissa contacts me and brings it up. Hallelujah!

She said their little family would be moving soon and their lives would be changing. She just wanted to preserve this moment in time, this first house, this precious little boy, the family dog. Of course I said yes. :-)

Family Bible reading

Possibly my favorite family portrait to date. The connection between a child and it's parents is so precious.  You guys are great! Thank you for letting me into your sanctuary -- your home, and trusting me to help preserve your memories.