Sunday, January 18, 2015

abigail // rockford, il senior portrait photographer

Abby and I first crossed paths at school.  We had drama together and I remember her always hugging people or complimenting their outfits and giving high-fives to the newbies.  That is Abby.  Small(in stature) but big heart.  Last fall we squeezed in some time for pictures between my coursework and her student council responsibilities (she's the president, y'all!).  The mosquitos joined us, but she pushed through and we got some incredible shots. Congrats on graduating soon, Abby!

 When I show this picture to people I always get the same reaction -- She's a princess!
And really, she is.  Not only does she have the big brown eyes, beautiful hair, and smile, but she dances and bursts into song and/or laughter spontaneously. :-)

 She's a fairy.
 There is such an old-school elegance about these shots.  It blows me away.  You're beautiful Abby!

 What you can't see the crazy amounts of mud that got stuck to our feet for these. :-)  Thankfully, Abby is a country-loving girl.

 Oh, that light!

 So adorable. Thanks for taking me out to one of your favorite places and letting me take pictures of you!  Best of luck in your future plans!