Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Brooks // Rockford, Il senior pictures preview

Geeking out about the crazy awesome color and light in this one!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chicago Day Trip // Personal

 I took a day trip to Chi-town with three friends a week or so back.  I was feeling a little lost inside and really just wanted to forget everything and be.

We were going to drive to Elgin and take the train in because, 1. No method of transportation can beat trains and 2. Parking and traffic in Chicago is crazy.  Especially when one has young healthy legs.

 The only two things on our agenda were to visit the Art Institute Museum and then get dinner.

Nothing else.

I brought my camera because I felt like I had to, but I promised myself I would not get it out unless I felt it.  Not unless I was truly inspired to create art.  I wanted to feel this trip and remember it in my brain, not just come home with a bunch of pictures to "prove it."

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

David & Melissa // Lifestyle and Wedding Photography

Every time I go through these photos I come up with more and more to say, but instead of my words, I'll let David and Melissa's day speak for itself(mostly :-).  This post is image heavy.  Like, to the tune of 170 photos heavy.  I couldn't bear to cut out any more.  Soak in the the joy and laughter of this wedding! (Even if your brother bugs you about using all of the bandwidth)  It's worth it.  David and Melissa, thank you SO so much for inviting me to come tell your story!

Saturday morning started bright and early at the Brewery with decorations.  Melissa and her family worked so hard every single beautiful little detail of this big day.

 There were helpers of all sizes!
 If I remember correctly, there were over 100 vases painted and filled with unique bouquets. 

Then it was off to the Spa for lunch, hair, and make-up!

 David and Melissa wrote each other notes and exchanged gifts while they were getting ready.  They chose not to see each other before the ceremony, so the notes were a special touch. 
Missy and her mom helped each other get ready alone so that they could have a quiet moment and surprise all of Missy's friends  Her dress.  My awesome second shooter Sammi and I were geeking out all day about how gorgeous it was.  
Good things come to those who wait, I guess. ;-)
 Missy and her friends, cousins, and sister have such fantastic relationships.  There were quite a few best-friend-moments. :-)  
 Who doesn't want a credit card with their brand new name on it?!  Her reaction was priceless.

Friends to the rescue!!

 University of Dubuque is SO gorgeous.  This is as close to a castle as you get in a modern city.
 There's something about Moms.  

 Um... yeah.  You kinda had to be there for this one. :-)  These guys were so great to photograph.

 I have SO many favorites from this wedding, I could never pick.  But this one gets me every time.  Favorite uncle, much?  It was so sweet!
 Recognize this handsome gent?  That's because you've seen him here!
When I was little I went to my second-cousin's wedding and thought she was so pretty that I was rendered speechless.  I thought she was princess and I wanted a picture with her, but I couldn't even open my mouth.  Thankfully, she could read it in my eyes.  I think every little girl has that moment.  Then those same girls grow up and do things like become doctors and get married.  They're really princesses.  They were all along.

All the girls prayed together before the ceremony.  What an emotional roller-coaster.  So many laughs and tears.
Last minute touch ups.
Last minute hugs.
Last minute bouquets.
Last minute laughs.

 Mr. and Mrs. David Dodds!
 I've never such a big post-ceremony high.  The joy in that building was contagious!
 A lavender send-off and then family pictures and portraits.

Ugh.  Another favorite.  So much cute.

Must have been an inside joke.

Because family pictures outside are SO much better outside. :-)


 Yup. Favorite again.

 I think they're secretly models and they just ran away and got married.  

Thought we were done?  We're just on the way to the beautiful reception.

 Do you remember the young lady on the right?  You should!  I took her senior pictures!

These were the best speeches I've ever heard.  I think everyone else felt the same way. :-)

 More mothers and daughters. :-)

I'm a big fan of dancing.  Especially first dances to live music. :-)

The Dueling Pianos doing their magic!

These two stole the show.  

Talk about an awesome family! They took turns in the center showing their moves.

 Congrats David and Melissa!!

 I SPY. . .a barefoot photographer. . .
. . .and a super awesome second shooter!  Thanks Samantha for all your help and your great photos!