Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chicago Day Trip // Personal

 I took a day trip to Chi-town with three friends a week or so back.  I was feeling a little lost inside and really just wanted to forget everything and be.

We were going to drive to Elgin and take the train in because, 1. No method of transportation can beat trains and 2. Parking and traffic in Chicago is crazy.  Especially when one has young healthy legs.

 The only two things on our agenda were to visit the Art Institute Museum and then get dinner.

Nothing else.

I brought my camera because I felt like I had to, but I promised myself I would not get it out unless I felt it.  Not unless I was truly inspired to create art.  I wanted to feel this trip and remember it in my brain, not just come home with a bunch of pictures to "prove it."
Below you'll find my memories and pictures and some pictures my brother took marked with an (H).

I want to remember getting stopped by construction and laughing while trying to get my brother to get back into the car.
I want to remember missing our train because of the traffic and just humming and talking instead.  I want to remember ginger beer and people watching at rush hour in downtown Chicago.
I want to remember getting separated from my group at the Art Museum for over an hour and just getting lost in color and brush strokes.
I want to remember starring at the statute of the sad girl who looked like me on the inside.
I want to remember crying when I finally read the description of the statute.
I want to remember sitting on the steps of the museum and listening to the street busker and wishing I had someone to dance with.
I want to remember the sound of Jasmine's questions.
I want to remember the cold mist from the fountain and the breeze.
I want to remember the opera playing nearby.
I want to remember getting lost on the long walk to the cloud gate.
I want to remember the puns.  Oh so many puns.
I want to remember Jacob's random parkour.
I want to remember sharing Chipotle with Hudson. (and paying extra for guacamole)
I want to remember the lights on the water and the gentle breeze.
I want to remember foot massages in the train station.
I want to remember the yellow line.
I want to remember laughing till I cried about "Fog" at 11pm.
I want to remember sitting in a gas station parking lot eating doughnut holes and ice-cream at midnight.
I want to remember listening to those three sing to REALLY loud music on the drive home to keep me awake.

I don't really want to remember getting home at 2:05 the next morning, but I know I always will.

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