Sunday, March 2, 2014

Christi // Rockford, Il senior portrait photographer

Wow. What a session! Christi is so much fun to be around. Even though we went to the same homeschool co-op we never had any of the same classes. I knew who she was though. She was always well dressed and her hair was always perfect. Like me she is quiet around strangers and accquaintances, so we never introduced ourselves.  She is a brilliant actress and musician among so many others things. I loved being able to finally meet her and hang out while we traipsed around downtown Rockford. We found common ground in firearms, of all things!   

Congratulations on your Class of 2013 graduation!

You are a natural model Christi! It was a privilege to photograph you. I love following your success via Facebook! Keep up the good work.


  1. nice job, love original poses and all the different expressions.

    1. Thanks! We used a ton of brand new locations on this shoot. She was great to work with.