Friday, April 4, 2014

Megan // Rockford, IL senior portrait photographer

Megan. Dear Megan. It is sessions and clients and responses like this that keep me shooting. Megan was part of my mini session shoot for 2014 seniors last fall. The day we picked was inberween my trips to Colorado springs and Hawaii so, even though it was threatening rain, we couldn't reschedule. 

It started like usual. The awkward exchange of greetings and pleasantries typical between acquaintances, the comments on the weather and each others wellbeing and then we start shooting. And that is when the magic happened. Megan went from a shy highschool girl who was self conscious about her braces and glasses to a serene young woman ready to take on life. 

". . .though she be but little, she is fierce." 

Megan has never had her pictures taken.  She doesn't think she is pretty.  She doesn't like pictures of herself.  My brain is going "and you hired me to take photos of you?. . . " but by the end she said that this was fun and she didn't want it to be over already.

Not pretty?  She seriously looked like a movie star!  Rock that confidence, girl!

It started raining as soon as we finished. When I got home and put the pictures on my computer it started raining on my keyboard too. I was overwhelmed. This is an excerpt from my journal that night:

"Now, as I edit her pictures I don't see that shy little girl. The one who posted selfies with her hair over her eyes and her cat.  I saw a young woman.  Brilliant.  Beautiful.  So much potential.  When she embraced her smile, braces and all, her eyes smiled to.  She took off her glasses for some, which makes her virtually blind.  Her eyes were so soft and blue-green and trusting.  She looked like a demure graceful girl.  If only she could see herself the way I do!  If only she could push past that shyness and just let the amazing God put in her shine through!"
 This is what I want to show girls.  I want to look into their beautiful eyes and make them understand how beautiful they are.  They're more than their skin or hair or dress size.  They're more than their mistakes and their stereotypes.  They're beautiful from the inside out.

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  1. LOVE these pictures! Beautiful job, Joanna! And Megan, you're gorgeous! You have such a sweet smile and spirit!