Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Annie & Jon // Rockford, Il wedding photographer

These two people are so much fun!  I had the privilege of being one of the few people to know about and participate in their intimate surprise wedding.  Yup!  Imagine getting an email about family pictures and the very next email saying that she was glad the day was available. . .could we upgrade it to a wedding?!  Of course!  

Only relatives and their Pastor and his wife were there on the riverboat, and it was beautiful.  The relationship Annie and Jon have with their Pastor is so precious.

Annie and Jon were my first "traditional" wedding.  I had one of those "What on earth am I doing?! I've never done this before!" moments and Annie was so kind and encouraging.  "We love you.  We love your photography.  You're doing great."  From a bride?  On HER wedding day?!  Amidst the nerves of a flooded river and pre-ceremony co-ordination she trusted me.  Annie, I'm a big fan.

What's a ship without it's pirates?

God bless you as you grow closer to Him and one another!

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