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“Wherever you are, be all there.” - Jim Elliot

This is my M.O.! Being a full-time college student, new business owner, friend, daughter, sister, organizer and seamstress, and somehow keeping the right perspective? That can get pretty overwhelming.  But whether I’m on a photoshoot, studying for my classes, doing the dishes, traveling, dancing, or  pausing to worship I strive to be fully present and invested in that task and the people I’m with.  You're worth it. :-) I believe God created each person with dignity and beauty, so I endeavor to act like it and photograph them in a way that shows that.  

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Oh, and I wrote you a letter. :-)

February 21, 2014
Rockford, Il 
Dear fantastic, brilliant, gem of a person,

Yes you!  Thanks for stopping by my quiet corner of the web!  Grab a seat, a cup of tea, or just a couple deep breaths before you go back to saving your corner of the world.  What, you’re not saving the world today?  I’m not so sure.  You may not wear a cape, but you’re somebody’s hero, someone’s North Star, someone’s best friend.  You may think you’re ordinary, but you are actually immortal, and you matter. 
“there are no ordinary people. you have never talked to a mere mortal. nations, cultures, arts, civilizations - these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. but it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub and exploit - immortal horrors or everlasting splendors."
-c. s. lewis
On clear nights I love looking up at the stars and trying to imagine just how small I am.  It’s fascinating, isn’t it?  How small we are, and yet each one can make a world of difference, each one matters.  Each little one is special and beautiful and important.  You people blow me away.  Your love, your purpose, your potential, your struggles, your successes!  They are all little notes in this melody we call life.  

As a photographer my desire is to photograph this melody. I want to see all the accidentals and key changes.  I want to walk through the minor sections and sing through the crescendos.  I want to dance with you into the grand finale.  I want you to sing your song.  It is worth listening to.  I want you to share your song — your story and I think pictures are a beautiful way to do it.  Do it for your family, do it for your friends, do it for the world, because you are world class!    

Oh the places you’ll go!


Joanna Kay